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Human Resources

Human Resources

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Human Resource Consultancy

C4P Management Solutions work with you as a business partner, providing you with core Human Resources advice that you need to run your business. We offer expert consultancy from the basic Human Resource needs of the business to the more complex and sometimes tough HR procedures such as contracts, pay negotiations, redundancy and TUPE. C4P Management Solutions makes your HR needs stress free, helping you to adapt policies and procedures in the face of ever changing employment law. We’ll provide you with guidance and handbooks, keeping you up to date and ensuring you that your HR function is in safe hands.



Hiring Staff

Recruitment & selection that’s shaped to your needs


Record Keeping

Content that’s relevant and retained lawfully



Maximising performance through effective development



Delivering quality processes for employee welfare



Structures complaints procedures and discipline handling



Organised and structured pay procedures for every employee



Negotiating new or changing terms & conditions


Pay Negotiations

Creating equitable solutions for all parties



Embedding a positive culture of equal opportunity

Increased Productivity
Satisfied Workforce
Reduced Costs
Staff Retention
Companies that partner with us for HR

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As a Registered Charity, we obviously could not afford our own, in house, HR department. Using C4P Management gives us this facility but is both cost and time efficient, and allows us to get on with what we do best.

Jackie Miles

YMCA Wirral

YMCA Southport has worked with C4P Management Solutions for over two years and the Company remains our preferred strategic HR Business Partner. Our organisation has gone through whole business transformation during that time and C4P has worked tirelessly alongside us to re-define, create and develop our workforce for the future.

Lee Humphreys

YMCA Southport